New Zealand Lakes: My Heart

Lake Punkaki

New Zealand is beautiful, around every corner is an amazing waterfall, impressive mountain or beautiful beach. I personally have fallen in love with all the incredible lakes.
I haven’t found one that doesn’t have a secluded silent spot, the water is so calm and reflective it’s like mirror glass.

I want to live in a little house probably made out of gingerbread on the banks of a New Zealand lake. Lush.

Whilst staying at Lake Mahinapua I woke up really early with a fabulous hangover, so I staggered along the windy path down to the lake, took my boots off and had a knee deep paddle. It felt as though I washed my hangover away, hopefully I didn’t pollute it.
I wish I could go for a dip in Lake Mahinapua every day.

I Sky dived over Lake Taupo and had an amazing view of the entire lake at 15,000 feet. One of my favourite lakes has to be Lake Tekapo, the water is turquoise and the wild flowers look like they belong in the £100 and up bouquets at the florist.

I have seen so many beautiful lakes here that I thought posting about each individual lake would be boring. So this my favourite lakes of New Zealand.

Lets call it ‘The Lake Collection by VHD’. Whilst viewing ‘The Lake Colletcion’ imagine some naff pan pipe music playing in the background. Smoooth.




Lake Tekapo

Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka

Lake Matheson

Lake Matheson



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