Cathedral Cove, North Island, New Zealand

When travelling in New Zealand you have to accept that it rains often, the only thing you can do is pack a rain coat and carry on with your trip.
The day we visited Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach the sky was full of rain clouds and we didn’t care.
I think it takes a special place to still look pretty on a miserable day.

Cathedral cove sits in in The Coromandel Peninsula and is approx a 45 minutes walk from the carpark. It reminded me of the walk to Ross Sands in Northumberland (my favourite beach), not because it has any similarities to Cathedral Cove but it seems that all the best beaches have a long walk to them :-)
I loved Cathedral Cove so much, I always think a nice cold beach is far more impressive than a hot one because they have to be special enough to brave the cold, for example the beach at Marbella is ugly people just flock to it’s because it’s hot.

I don’t actually have any photos of Hot Water beach because the rain was coming down so heavily that i couldn’t use my camera (I WANT A GO PRO). Apparently Hot Water Beach is the only beach in the world that has hot springs underneath it’s sand making it really fun to dig yourself a hot pool. Although when it’s raining the pools don’t stay hot for very long and then a cold wave crashes into the pool that took 30 minutes to dig. Mother fucking nature.

All that i said about ‘getting on with your trip’ when it rains does not apply to my evening at Hot Water Beach because we had to walk back to the hostel in the rain after sitting in a hot pool: FREEZING. I complained for the rest of the night to anyone that would listen about ‘luke warm beach’ and continued to do so all the next day because I had to pack wet clothes in my backpack.

Apart from that it was a really good night…….





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