Auckland, New Zealand

Not one person had told us anything positive about Auckland.

Auckland is not a bad city, it’s actually a nice city, it’s clean and everything runs efficiently. It’s just a bit on the dull side and there’s not much happening. In fairness to Auckland I didn’t come to New Zealand for it’s cities so I was happy with our short stay. Once we’d had been down to the harbour and checked out the Sky Tower we were unsure what to do. Excluding airports and buses we were bored for the first time on our trip. We thought about hitting the bars but instead we went to the cinema. Snore festival. We were in a new city and the best entertainment on offer was The Hunger Games 2.

The following day we watched Auckland’s Santa Parade as it made its way through the city centre. Auckland Santa Parade is the least festive Christmas event I have ever seen, I would rather wear a santa hat and watch the news. The floats that drove through the streets had mermaids on them, superman, belly dancers and other well known christmas characters. Hmmm. I really wanted to grab a santa costume and storm that parade but instead i just sat on the pavement complaining how rubbish it was, and how much better English Christmas is. Brit Abroad.

Life lesson: New Zealand does not ‘do’ Christmas.






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