Dolphin Watching, Bay of Islands, North Island, New Zealand

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Hello BLOG!

I haven’t posted for ages as my laptop broke down and I am far too tight to pay for an internet cafe. Thankfully we are fixed and I have so much to tell you about New Zealand: contain your excitement.

The Bay of Islands

We only spent one night at The Bay of Islands and it rained heavily for the duration. Standard.

The rain clouds made visibility quite poor but The Bay of Islands is so beautiful that it didn’t really matter, although it’s obvious that on a bright sunny day it would be really incredible. The islands remind me of how i imagine parts of Thailand to look or Halong bay in Vietnam. (Hate to brag but I will let you know after Christmas).

We decided to spend our short amount of time on a boat trip dolphin watching. The trip was supposed to be ‘swimming with wild dolphins’ but because the pod of dolphins that we found included a baby we were not allowed to get into the water with them under New Zealand law. I was so disappointed by this but I was also impressed that New Zealand puts its wildlife before tourism. Of course a few Brits abroad did pipe up and complain that in ‘Turkey’ or ‘Oman’ they were able to jump straight in with the dolphins. Actually I think the Oman comment came from Welsh, possibly in the same sentence as ‘sea fishing’. (Please note Welsh has not ever hunted dolphins just big beautiful fish).   Those countries obviously don’t care about the dolphins. In general New Zealand seems to try its hardest to conserve it’s wildlife and environment. Lovely.

Worse than the complaints was that after discovering that they couldn’t swim with the dolphins and get a new profile picture for Facebook at least 75% of the boat went to sleep. REALLY?????

Despite not swimming with dolphins we were able to sit for an hour on the boat watching wild dolphins jump in and out of the water and swim around us. Dolphins are the third most intelligent species on the planet behind humans and apes, they are the only species other than humans that mate for pleasure and more importantly they are fucking awesome.

Experiences such as floating on a boat in The Bay of Islands smiling at dolphins is why I came travelling. Amazing.

Victoria xxx

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