Falling From The SKY, Lake Taupo, New Zealand




New Zealand is the adventure country of the world fact. There is something in the air that just makes you want to get involved and throw yourself off bungee jumps, pull yourself through rocks underground and just basically feel like a hero for the whole trip. We have been signing up for as much as we can possibly afford so I have loads of fun and slightly boasting posts to upload over the next few weeks.


I have never had any desire to jump out of an aeroplane before I mean for a start I FUCKING hate flying . So why did I book a sky dive? I just don’t know.  I want to challenge myself on this trip but to be honest I thought sleeping in a dormitory was far out of my comfort zone (literally)  and I have avoided doing that as much as possible.

I booked a skive dive and spent the whole day before terrified but I ‘m not actually sure what I was scared of as statistically (I love to check safety statistics) sky diving is reasonably safe.  I tried to distract my fear by thinking of all the jump related songs possible. Here’s my list- have I missed any out?


Jump for My Love

It’s Raining (Wo) Men

Wind Beneath My Wings

Flying Without Wings

I Believe I Can Fly

Falling (Alicia Keys)

Come Fly With Me

I’m Leaving on A Jet Plane


What a moron, but as you can see it was both time consuming and distracting.

The day of the ‘jump’ I  genuinely wasn’t scared I don’t what happened to me, I didn’t recognise that person,  because my terror turned in to excitement. I was geared up then  introduced to my tandem i.e the man that I was trusting with my life to throw me out of a plane. When the plane reached it’s peak of 15,000 ft we were told to remove our oxygen masks and the next thing I knew I was perched on the ledge of an open aeroplane entrance with my feet dangling over the edge attached to a man I had met only 30 minutes ago. AUSOME.

I can’t describe the feeling of going over the edge of that plane it was just so strange, it sounds silly but I genuinely didn’t realise how fast it would feel ,  it takes a few seconds to register  what is actually happening it’s the strangest most, terrifying but  amazing thing I have ever done, it’s a nice kind of terror. Apparently people panic as they think that they can’t breathe even though at that height it’s very possible to do so but  I was prepared for this eventuality  and tried to do ‘yoga breathing’. Breathing slowly through your nose and then out through your mouth does NOT work when falling from a plane at 200km per hour but I didn’t have any problem with it regardless. I had chosen to jump from the highest point so I actually had 1 minute of free falling before the parachute opened. When the parachute opened I really got a chance to take in the beautiful views of Lake Taupo it was worth it all just for that view, it was incredible!


Skydiving is one of the best things I have EVER done!


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