San Francisco, Northern California, USA

IMG_4096IMG_4136When traveling you can’t abide by the rule that first impressions count as it would ruin your whole trip. The first street we walked down in San Francisco had three men in y-front pants dancing with stripper like moves drugged up, people sleeping on the street, a huge soup kitchen que that went down the whole block and just lots of drunk homeless people sitting on the pavement. This was the ‘tenderloin district’, we were later told that tourists should stay out of this neighborhood I’m sure some of that advice is intended for safety reasons but I also think it’s because they don’t want you to see it. I love America but I have been shocked at how many people are homeless in the cities that we have visited. We were told that San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in the USA to live.

San Francisco gets a cold Autumn people were walking round in hats and scarves whilst me and Welsh were shivering in our summer clobber because we had just assumed California was hot all year round. Who the hell goes traveling the world without a coat? Me and Welsh apparently. Amateurs. Whilst in this city we have experienced lush Autumn days with bright blue skies and cold crisp air. Lovely (if you have a coat).

The architecture is lovely in San Francisco it really is the best thing about the city, the steep rows of Victorian Houses are beautiful I couldn’t stop taking photos, I was forgetting that people actually lived inside them “I promise I am not a stalker”. I personally wouldn’t like people staring into my living room window ‘oi clear off’. Although I wouldn’t mind stepping out of my painted pink slanty house, jumping on a tram and heading up to Union Square for shopping and then on to Fishermans Wharf to have a natter with the Sea Lions. I’m sure that’s a typical day for a San Francisco resident.

We did all the main tourists stops, Golden Gate Bridge and Park, Alamo Square and Fishermans Wharf. I loved Haight and Ashbury it has a really cool vibe with lots of vegi food, great vintage shops and a record shop in an old bowling alley that literally has everything, cd’s, vhs, dvds, vinal, cassettes. I could have spent hours in there.

The best thing to do in San Fransisco is to drive over the bay bridge at night to Treasure Island and get a view of the city skyline all lit up. Dreamy.

We have just picked up our campervan and will be driving around for 8 days (don’t ever call me high maintenance again) so I might not get to post for a week.

Love Victoria xxx










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