Yosemite National Park, USA






















Yosemite is like a forest from a fairy tale it’s filled with giant trees, black bears, deer, porcupines, chipmunks and wood peckers to name a few. I want to make a flower garland for my hair, take off my shoes and go skipping into the forest. (Although it covers 761,226 acres so skipping into the wilderness would result in getting lost and pine needles cover the ground so barefoot isn’t really going to work. Nice thought though)

Yosemite is literally a breath of fresh in comparison to our previous stop at amazing but hectic Vegas, the two places couldn’t be anymore different from each other. I think Yosemite has been my favourite place we have visited in America so far.

One of the prettiest things about it is the light. I have been walking around like someone that has been kept prisoner in a dark cave my whole life: ‘wooooow look at the light’. I could honestly watch the light move across Yosemite Valley all day. When it’s on the mountain side it illuminates it and early evening the light of the sun across the meadows, rivers and autumn leaves is amazing. PEACE AND LOVE BITCHEZ.

The Giant Sequoia trees are other worldly as they grow up to 100ft wide at the base of the trunk and up to 310ft high. We were told today that it’s accurate to say that they have no life span as it can’t be measured. Yosemite has trees that are around 2000 years old but they have also found specimens of the ancient bristlecone pine that are more than 4,600 years old. The texture feels like a coconut and due to their powerful sap they can’t be burnt so Sequoia’s survive forest fires and lighting strikes. I found it fascinating. We ere also informed of the history of Yosemite and about John Muir.

We then went up to spectacular Glacier Point and ate our sandwiches. Peaceful and serene until we got a bollocking from a man for feeding a squirrel.
It was really awkward because our mate the squirrel was scoffing a lettuce leaf bigger than my hand whilst the shouting man said we could get a fine, a ban and it is actually really bad for the wildlife. FINE? OH SHIT! I honestly know not feed wildlife and it’s best to leave nature alone. I will never ever ever feed another squirrel. In my defense it ran up to my lunch bag and was begging like a dog. Hard to resist.

After feeling like wildlife wankers for our entire lunch we then headed down to Curry Village. On route to the village our moods were soon restored as we spotted black bears. To be exact we saw black bears mating. Apparently this is much earlier in the year than normal. Lucky us.

About an hour later we saw 2 more bears and this time other tourists were ignoring park rules and getting much too close to them. According to our Yosemite guide that I quickly re-read so THAT we wouldn’t make anymore forest faux paus people should never ever get closer than 50 yards to the bears.
Seeing black bears in their natural habitat has been the highlight of my travels so far. I really hope one day I can re-visit Yosemite again and stay for a week or two it really is amaaaaaaazing.

Victoria xxx

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